A far too familiar reality. Person after person walking into supermarkets and stores, emerging with hoards of paper-thin plastic bags in tow. Once home, some toss these bags in a recycle bin or garbage can. Others say to themselves,  “I’ll keep these cause one day I may need them,” but within weeks they come home, open their drawer of bags and flail as a struggle to keep them from overflowing ensues. However, in spite of the awareness of this blatantly wasteful habit, next time at the store, more of these bags are collected.

We are growing into an increasingly globally conscious society, yet all the talk about ‘going green’ has failed to remedy this source of phenomenal environmental and economic waste. Therein lies the issue. Many of us try to reuse or recycle in an attempt to lead a cleaner life, but we forget to look at the source of the problem. We aren’t reducing.

I currently reside in the pleasant suburbs in the city of Orange, but every week I go to the store, see those single-use bags and think of how unnecessary they could be.  That is why I am proposing we make a change. Mayor Carolyn V. Cavecche and the Orange City Council,  enact legislation to ban these bags and make our community one for the future!